Dr. Med. Dent. Cem Baysal has been practicing dentistry in all branches that require academic specialty with his team, since 1991.

At his clinic where customized solutions are created, most modern and state-of the art equipments are utilized. Advanced surgery, aesthetic procedures along with diagnosis and treatment planning which are the two branches Dr. Baysal received his degree of doctor are the major treatment areas included within the services offered.

Dr. Cem Baysal started his academic life with his studies on dental treatment. Post-graduation, he got his doctor’s degree on oral diagnosis and radiology. He has conducted several researches that lasted three years at Microbiology Department of Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Baysal is the first scientist ever discovered microbiological etiology in recurrent aphthous ulcerations. He has conducted surgical procedures on other branches of dentistry at Gulhane Military Medicine Academy. Following his professional gains from ten years of educational programs, he has continued his professional development on implants and other surgical branches.