We can restore the tooth damages which are too big to be restored by filling, with the porcelain crowns. In the case where there is one tooth lost, multiple porcelain crowns are attached. This type of restoration is called a bridge. Technically, two types of tooth diminution are used while the tooth is getting prepared for crowns: gradual or non-gradual cut. In the non-gradual cutting process more cost-efficient metal- supported crowns and bridges can be prepared. If aesthetic infrastructures such as zirconium, aluminum oxide are used, gradual cut should be preferred. Also, the restorations done during gradual cutting process does not pressure the gums, therefore offers more appropriate and healthy results, matching the nature of the tooth. Today, zirconium or aluminum oxide infrastructured, pellucid, grade-compliant, aesthetic porcelain crowns are preferred, rather than metal-supported crowns.

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